Cabin 8


This Cabins located in lake 1 and the parking just right behind the cabin. 




- 5 x 8 Metre of decking space with split into 2 level

- light out side above and the side of the decking;

- Dedicated fishing swim.



- TV

- 2 USB port

- 3 Seater sofa

- Bunk bed with double underneath and single on the top with fresh bedding provided. 

- Wifi available ( surcharge apply )

- No log burner in this cabin and we will give Free central heating with this cabin instead. 

- Kitchen area with hot and cold tap, Microwave, Toaster, Kettle, Mugs, Plates, Utensil, Fridge. 

- Shower facility, Toilet, 2 towels provided with this cabin. 


*Before making booking our cabin and to make the most out of your visit please read  . 

visitor from 1/1/18

( 9am -6pm )

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